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Articles by @sakethk

Getting started with gatsby

Saketh Kowtha
·Jul 3, 2021·

1 min read

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Installing gatsby cli

npm i -g gatsby-cli

Before creating a site you should know about gatsby starters. Starters are nothing but boilerplates there are hundred's of boilerplates (starters) available from gatsby official site.

Here you can choose Gatsby starter

Creating new gatsby site from starter

gatsby new {name_of_your_site} {starter-repo-link}

Once gatsby new is successful then run the following commands

cd {name_of_your_site}
gatsby develop

Project structure will be like this

|-- /.cache
|-- /plugins
|-- /public
|-- /src
    |-- /pages
|-- /static
|-- gatsby-config.js
|-- gatsby-node.js
|-- gatsby-browser.js

Now you can check your site at localhost:8000

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